Catalyst  Consulting provides professionally Facilitated Workshops and Facilitation Services.

Typical applications include:

> Facilitated Off-Sites
Aligning teams, managing change, solution focused thinking, business planning.

> Facilitated Leadership Meetings
Strategic thinking & planning, visioning, leadership development, group decision-making,
focus groups.

> Facilitated 1:1 Conversations
Mediation & conflict resolution, career development, performance management conversations.  

> Facilitation Skills Workshops
Core Facilitation Skills Workshop

Workshop adaptations:
(1) To enable internal support functions (HR, IT, Fin, Ops) to become business partners; (2) Enable regional project teams develop engagement skills; (3) Prepare management teams to facilitate key meetings.

“The off-site is the beginning of a journey…everyone is pleased with the outcome and we all agree that we could not have the good results without a facilitator”.

International Sourcing & Logistics Director, International Retail Client