Recent Examples of Facilitated Projects

Facilitated 1:1 Conversations

Client 3:
Facilitated a 1 day conflict resolution session with two partners from an international law firm. It was imperative that the design take into account cultural, interpersonal and professional differences in order to align both parties to enable them to successfully build the practice. Both parties requested a second session are still working together.

Client 4:
Facilitated 3 way checkpoint review to align a senior manager and a middle manager on performance and development differences of opinion, critical in terms of the companies over all talent management pipeline. Facilitation Skills Workshops

Client 5:
Working with the global US based HR MD, Catalyst customized and facilitated a workshop to enable a global IT company’s regional HR team to build facilitation skills as a core foundation of business partnering capability. The Asia Pacific HR team were aligned with global and could facilitate HR forums, line meetings on talent management + facilitate organizational or employee related conversations in an empowering manner.

“The strategies we created have become the central organizational agenda to drive and guide our team to act on.”

Chief Executive, Asset Management Client