Resilience = the capacity to adapt positively to pressure, setbacks, challenges & change, to achieve & sustain peak personal effectiveness.

First In Asia - The Resilience Questionnaire™

The Resilience Questionnaire™ uncovers 8 research based aspects of an individual’s psychological resilience, patterns of thinking & behaviour that affect their ability to respond positively to setbacks & challenges.  We integrate the tool into talent management activities like coaching, workshops, blended learning, organizational change, woman’s, management & leadership development programs, strategic offsite, restructuring & change initiatives.

Self Belief Ingenuity
Optimism Challenge Orientation
Purposeful direction Emotion regulation
Adaptability Support seeking

Why Resilience?

Research has shown that high levels of resilience can deliver valuable occupational outcomes for individuals, helping people to make speedy recoveries from problems, reduce stress, improve job performance, develop positive attitudes & sustain high levels of well-being & happiness at work.

Catalyst has Certified 10 Resilience QuestionnaireTM Coaches