"Building Coaching Capability" Workshops
We build + transfer coaching competencies to Line Managers, expanding leadership competence and contributing to a coaching + feedback culture.
All 4 Coaching Workshops can be tailored to the Client’ needs based on a best practice original design. We are able to blend-in other learning methodologies (assessment, coaching, training, facilitation and change management) to achieve even higher impact.

Foundational Coaching Workshops

  • Coaching 1: Coaching Essentials _Introduces core coaching skills such as feedback, deep listening, dialoguing, facilitative questioning etc
  • Coaching 2: Coaching For Hearts & Minds _Learning to flex and apply 4 situational based coaching styles (Senge’s learning organisation principles).

Advanced Coaching Workshop

  • Coaching 3: A Great Habit _Develop deeper level performance coaching focusing on motivation, values, beliefs, personality + culture.

Specialist Coaching Workshop

  • Coaching 4: Feedback Coaching Skills _From our Assessment Workshop Series, Specialist feedback coaching skills after an assessment intervention (360, Psychometric tools, Development Centre) for performance and career development.

All 4 Coaching Workshops Equip Managers to:

  • Conduct empowering coaching conversations
  • Motivate employees to perform
  • Conduct coaching conversations that foster excellence + innovation, regardless of the situation
  • Facilitate, empowering, solution-focused thinking
  • Align individual, team + company performance goals