Coaching Pool. Catalyst has a designated regional multi-cultural pool of more than 25 Coaches with whom Catalyst has selected to work directly with.

In addition we have Coaching Network Partners based in the North America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa who often refer coaching work to Catalyst in Asia. We also have access to our Coaching Network Partner’s pool.

Catalyst Coaches meet the following criteria:

  • Experienced Coaches with management & business experience.
  • Cross cultural experience.
  • Qualified Executive and/or Feedback Coaches.
  • Feedback + “A-B-C “©Coaches have business, assessment experience + psychology and/or
    behavioural sciences backgrounds are committed to creating breakthroughs.
  • For each proposed Coaching project, Catalyst Coaches are prescreened and matched to the Client needs ensuring a higher probability of Person-Coach-Organisation Fit.
  • Coaching projects are clearly scoped and managed.
  • For Global or Organisational Change Based Coaching Programs “Coach Supervision” is built into the project to ensure consistency of results.

“Thanks a great deal for your advice and coaching during this period. I think the most valuable part of the coaching program is the clear focus you keep directing me to and the very practical advise you gave . The lively examples you shared helped me understand those sometimes abstract (leadership) concepts. I enjoy the sessions which never give me pressure but something I look forward to take.”